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Friday, January 20, 2017

Forsaken For Our Sake

Today happened. If you don't know what I am talking about I am envious. But to give you a run down, tears, tear gas, cheers, a lady reading prayer off an ipad and lackluster performances by everyone but Gorillaz. Hallelujah Money... I watched a few minutes of the show, because I am naive and curious. I just wanted to see what it was all about. It upsets me to see hear prayer and talks about god in such a recital way. Made me feel like forsaken like I don't get why Christianity is an inherent part of the existence of our country. But what is more frustrating than people say things they don't really believe is people saying things they don't even know. My specific example is people worshiping Obama in this time of having to choose one evil over the other. People my age are saying things like "Going to miss Obama" or "He was the best president since Carter". This is as frustrating as any other celebrity crap. These people do not know this person and as much as they are concerned he might not even be real. To these people they are just faces on the television. I try to involve myself in politics as little as possible because it has become a game of who can watch TV better. This isn't #notmypresident its #notmycountry as much as I am concerned. I will never vote because at voting age I will be busy leaving here or doing something that grants me some freedom so I don't have to support this game. I wonder what people build their opinions on, and how they came to think the things they do. I am a logician by personality and I have always accepted that I am and will continue to be very naive. I have no clue what Carter did in his presidency but I am looking more and more. It's just strange to me how someone my age would know what Carter did in his presidency which leads me to think they don't really. I might not give other people my age enough credit but a lot of the ones I know like BuzzFeed, McDonalds, and buying in to products/brands. I can't tell if their political judgement is just inherited with their Big Mac and Nike's or if they actually forge their own opinions. So long post short I made a survey about opinions on Obama take it or leave it, I would just like to know if people know both sides or if they just like him because of his skin color. I just want to say it is a feat for anyone to become president but praising someone for being black and a president is just racist to me. I was raised believing equality is real, to say it was inherently harder for him to be black and a president seems like its putting him down and bringing race into it. Equality isn't blacks get their slums and welfare and whites get more opportunities pay more taxes and look everyone's happy, equality is a blindness to skin color or background, start acting that way. By praising this man for what he is I feel like you are ignoring what he has done. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Hermits Bad Rep?

I don't understand the stigma surrounding being a hermit. When you close your eyes and picture a hermit you see an old homeless looking man do you not? Society is just a means of rationalizing a lifestyle, I am not against the idea of society I am against the society in which I reside. If we are jokes that get to choose their punchline hermits are the best jokes. When I think of a hermit I think of a person who understands something others don't. People who shoot down my ideas for being "too out there" I think are using putting me down as a coping mechanism, keeping them from having to change to understand my point of view.

 I don't see why I can't grow the majority of my food. The saying money doesn't grow on trees is hilarious. If money doesn't grow on trees then why do you buy orange juice? Money is just perceived value. I see five main things I need to survive, air, shelter, food, water, and stimuli. All of those "grow on trees", O2, wood, fruits, H2O, and experimentation can all come from/include trees. I can't seem to convince many people in my life that money is the stupidest concept ever. Putting a numerical value on people and life itself.

Yes... things cost money and I will have to work in some way to get that money. But if there are things I only need to buy once, like seeds, solar panels, batteries, parts for a boat. Then I don't see the point in investing money to get more money. 

I don't want money I don't want most things I didn't make myself. I would rather have clothes made by me, a boat made by me, food made by me, and a life made by me. I don't understand people who find giving up on life to be comforting. I don't want to be handed things and kept dumb while other people rule the world and widen the gap between the "elite"(I hate using this word) and the common person. By spending money on a car I would supporting the production and personal ownership of cars, which is deadly long term. By spending money on a carpenter, plumber, electrician, any service I am just cheating myself out of learning. 

I don't want to be surrounded by faces saying, drink up, eat up, smoke up, because I don't enjoy that I enjoy having a purpose and being a joke that is actually funny. Everyone gets a punch line most choose "atleast they got a good deal", "atleast they were comfortable", or "lived a rich life, ruined thousands of other's to do so" I would much rather have "died alone searching for himself" or "seen as slacker by society worked harder than anyone" and those are punchlines I can approve of. Next time you think of the word hermit think of a man living off everything you trashed traveling the world and living real experiences instead of being a tourist of consumerism.      

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Returning to Game Development

Since I have programmed my site I have been craving some more code to pass through these fingers. The joys of game making is being able to create multimedia experience but also the communities. Just as I have made lots of friends interested in biohacking and growing foods, I also have a bunch of great friends in game development. A site I love to use is Game Dev Underground made by my friend Tim Ruswick. I ache for a new project but I cant decide what to start working on I have a large idea that I'm not sure I am ready for or could even tackle alone. I was considering making a publishable piece for once, I want to finish something. I am considering an online multiplayer game that could go on my site or a mobile game. These both have their own stupid challenges and fun challenges. I want your opinion on which I should tackle.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Getting Out of Here

I don't want to spend my entire life in North America. I have never been outside of the US and I have only visited a handful of states. My goal right now is to set up a home and food forest by the sea somewhere. Until I graduate high school I will be saving and preparing for this experience. This summer I will practice growing cool things in a Vermont climate and using micro-propagation techniques to be able to grow make as much food as I can. If you want to know the reasoning as to why I want to leave besides wanting to grow plants and seafood year round I think my friend Jaimie Mantzel says it pretty well. 

He has been one of my main inspirations for getting out of here. I want to be able to travel and explore and build. There is no reason for me to stay in Vermont besides the fact that I like it and it's pretty. I always thought I would stay here and live in the woods and live out my free life. But I soon realized that wasn't enough. I want to build boats and planes, I want to travel to work, and I want a safe place to always come back to with food, shelter and fresh water. Being somewhere so warm in the midst of climate change seems a bit scary but I will always have Vermont to come back to if things get too bad. I guess its kind of my new years resolution to prepare myself to leave as soon as possible.