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Monday, January 9, 2017

Hermits Bad Rep?

I don't understand the stigma surrounding being a hermit. When you close your eyes and picture a hermit you see an old homeless looking man do you not? Society is just a means of rationalizing a lifestyle, I am not against the idea of society I am against the society in which I reside. If we are jokes that get to choose their punchline hermits are the best jokes. When I think of a hermit I think of a person who understands something others don't. People who shoot down my ideas for being "too out there" I think are using putting me down as a coping mechanism, keeping them from having to change to understand my point of view.

 I don't see why I can't grow the majority of my food. The saying money doesn't grow on trees is hilarious. If money doesn't grow on trees then why do you buy orange juice? Money is just perceived value. I see five main things I need to survive, air, shelter, food, water, and stimuli. All of those "grow on trees", O2, wood, fruits, H2O, and experimentation can all come from/include trees. I can't seem to convince many people in my life that money is the stupidest concept ever. Putting a numerical value on people and life itself.

Yes... things cost money and I will have to work in some way to get that money. But if there are things I only need to buy once, like seeds, solar panels, batteries, parts for a boat. Then I don't see the point in investing money to get more money. 

I don't want money I don't want most things I didn't make myself. I would rather have clothes made by me, a boat made by me, food made by me, and a life made by me. I don't understand people who find giving up on life to be comforting. I don't want to be handed things and kept dumb while other people rule the world and widen the gap between the "elite"(I hate using this word) and the common person. By spending money on a car I would supporting the production and personal ownership of cars, which is deadly long term. By spending money on a carpenter, plumber, electrician, any service I am just cheating myself out of learning. 

I don't want to be surrounded by faces saying, drink up, eat up, smoke up, because I don't enjoy that I enjoy having a purpose and being a joke that is actually funny. Everyone gets a punch line most choose "atleast they got a good deal", "atleast they were comfortable", or "lived a rich life, ruined thousands of other's to do so" I would much rather have "died alone searching for himself" or "seen as slacker by society worked harder than anyone" and those are punchlines I can approve of. Next time you think of the word hermit think of a man living off everything you trashed traveling the world and living real experiences instead of being a tourist of consumerism.      

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