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Friday, January 20, 2017

Forsaken For Our Sake

Today happened. If you don't know what I am talking about I am envious. But to give you a run down, tears, tear gas, cheers, a lady reading prayer off an ipad and lackluster performances by everyone but Gorillaz. Hallelujah Money... I watched a few minutes of the show, because I am naive and curious. I just wanted to see what it was all about. It upsets me to see hear prayer and talks about god in such a recital way. Made me feel like forsaken like I don't get why Christianity is an inherent part of the existence of our country. But what is more frustrating than people say things they don't really believe is people saying things they don't even know. My specific example is people worshiping Obama in this time of having to choose one evil over the other. People my age are saying things like "Going to miss Obama" or "He was the best president since Carter". This is as frustrating as any other celebrity crap. These people do not know this person and as much as they are concerned he might not even be real. To these people they are just faces on the television. I try to involve myself in politics as little as possible because it has become a game of who can watch TV better. This isn't #notmypresident its #notmycountry as much as I am concerned. I will never vote because at voting age I will be busy leaving here or doing something that grants me some freedom so I don't have to support this game. I wonder what people build their opinions on, and how they came to think the things they do. I am a logician by personality and I have always accepted that I am and will continue to be very naive. I have no clue what Carter did in his presidency but I am looking more and more. It's just strange to me how someone my age would know what Carter did in his presidency which leads me to think they don't really. I might not give other people my age enough credit but a lot of the ones I know like BuzzFeed, McDonalds, and buying in to products/brands. I can't tell if their political judgement is just inherited with their Big Mac and Nike's or if they actually forge their own opinions. So long post short I made a survey about opinions on Obama take it or leave it, I would just like to know if people know both sides or if they just like him because of his skin color. I just want to say it is a feat for anyone to become president but praising someone for being black and a president is just racist to me. I was raised believing equality is real, to say it was inherently harder for him to be black and a president seems like its putting him down and bringing race into it. Equality isn't blacks get their slums and welfare and whites get more opportunities pay more taxes and look everyone's happy, equality is a blindness to skin color or background, start acting that way. By praising this man for what he is I feel like you are ignoring what he has done. 

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