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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Please EnROY. If you don't know who this is Don't Hug Me I'm Scared of you... for not knowing this great series.
(this is fan art, of Roy, from DHMIS, not a to be interpreted as anything but)

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Been very busy with not being busy. It allows me to learn, plan, watch anime, and other things. Some of those other things are play Portal 2, and read Elon Musk's biography. Yes be proud of me dear reader (I hardly ever play games or read).

I have always loved Portal, before I knew what Portal was I knew how to make one of their signature black forest cakes to game specifications. I soon came to know one of the greatest puzzle games ever created. Portal's creativity surpasses just gameplay and mechanics. We are talking about a physics puzzle game that fits within the same reality as Half-Life, that has an amazing storyline and backstory, great music, and some of the best humor I have witnessed in a game ever.

Elon Musk's biography finally snapped me out of the scared "I want to leave this horrible country" mindset. I have always been entrepreneurial, reading about how Elon as a kid had as big of goals as he does today and how that affected him socially made me feel better about my dreams. I, for a while, have felt like I shouldn't get involved with business and just somehow get away from the money game. Even though my current project has so much potential to bring change and is, now that I have realized it, very very marketable/efficient. I since about third grade I have known how motors and electric generators work conceptually and it inspired my love of sustainable energy. To hear about how Elon as a kid would rant about solar energy, or to have his opening question in a conversation be "Do you ever think about electric cars?" gives me hope, because I really can relate.

So how is this post about AI? Well Portal is about AI taking over a industrial test facility, and Elon Musk's biography is about a man taking over western consumerism as his industrial test facility. Silly comparison aside, Elon is working on AI because; A. So is everyone else and B. He has a lot of concerns about one group having control over a super intelligence. He is working on safe, wide spread, open source AI. What does this have to do with me? I am bored with making sites (either derpy personal (this site) or derpy comedic) I recently made a personal "new tab" page for myself because I don't like Chrome or Firefox's new tab pages (that's how bored I can get (It was too easy)). Since no one is helping me figure out what video game to work on I have decided to see what kind of AI I can brew up. Stay tuned.